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NFC Card Prepayment Solution

Flexible Gas Purchase Way

Beta Smart Gas Meter Solution provides flexible gas purchase way, make it much more convenient and easier.

At Vending Points via Beta Vending System, by Cash or credit card.

At Appointed Agency via POS, by Cash.


Real Time Clock

Adopting separate Real Time Clock (RTC) chip on meter to make sure the accuracy. Error <0.5s/day.

Step Tariff

Support max. 4 steps of Gas Tariff, realize the real time monetary calculation in meter.

This function only be available for meters with measure mode of By Amount.

Meter Recharge

Meter could be recharged via NFC card which recharge  from either Beta vending software or Mobile

Vending POS.

Meter Parameters Query

Meters’ corresponding parameters could be queried via Parameter Card.

Overdraft Function

Emergency Gas, customers could still consume gas even if t he balance credit in meter is used up if

Overdraft Function is activated.

Recharge Limitation

Anti-gas storage, if remaining gas + current recharged gas > recharge limitation, it shall reject the

recharge operation, to prevent gas storage.

Insufficient Gas Warning

Low Credit Alarm, if remaining gas in meter reaches the alarm value, the buzzer should beep and the

LCD shall give indication to remind the customers that the gas is about to used up.

Valve auto-clean

Meter’s valve will be opened & closed or closed and opened once at defined time interval to prevent

the valve from stuck and check whether the valve working status.

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