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Digital Information Solution

Main Functions

Equipment Management

Registration, management and application of mobile devices such as Bluetooth meter reading equipment,remote self-service equipment,mobile security check equipment.

Initial Connection

Simplify the installation process, no site selection, no manual transcription.

On-Site Open Account

The user confirms the account opening with one key on site, completes the meter parameter setting, and completes the user information authentication.

Outdoor Valve Control

The valve can be authorized to open the valve for different users, which can effectively control the users who are in arrears, abnormal users and users who do not cooperate with the security check, and master the initiative of gas management.

Outdoor Meter Reading

Scooping remote outdoor gas meter monitoring gas and gas behavior data.

Data Reporting

GPRS Tunneling or by the USB cable, complete downloading and uploading user data synchronization.

Information Inquiry

The meter reading can query the state of the address, the user number and other information, the user information.

Self Recharge

Support mobile phone WeChat, web online recharge, offline writing card, convenient gas purchase.

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